Silene Resort & SPA

When spending hours of precious time waiting at airports and traveling to another continent is not an option, go to Silene Resort & Spa instead. Just a three-hour drive from Riga and you are welcomed by lush nature landscapes, pure pine-infused air, a wide array of outdoor activities fit for every taste and all-inclusive comfort.

Restaurants and Bars

The dining experience at the resort restaurants Silenes Terases and Itāļu Restorāns (The Italian Restaurant) is inspired by nature - here guests taste their way through an exquisite menu overlooking magnificence of green surroundings.


Silene Nature Spa is a thoughtfully designed place where relaxation and peacefulness reign. The immersive spa experience includes water pool, heart and body warming sauna and aromatic steam room and a healing touch of the massager and a cosmetician for improving the well-being of your body and soul.

Weddings and Banquets

Silene Resort & Spa is not only about escaping, recharging and enlivening senses but also about celebrating - life, relationships, special occasions, connection, and nature. It is an ideal place for a romantic wedding, family gatherings, birthdays and anniversaries, teambuilding and corporate events, retreats and partner meetings.

Šmakovkas Lab

Those looking for something authentic are welcomed at Šmakovka lab for a tasting of this local drink produced following a unique recipe and a jocose initiation to Latgalians.